Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast

Each week our fabulous Fabulettes will present four big shows from your enjoyment and entertainment. Let’s meet the cast!

Jessica James

Jessica James is an international award winning drag performer, producer and costume maker. Star of theatre, film, TV and even music video. She’s a belligerent dancer and available… for anything. Jess will be producing more award winning drag here at Fabuland every Friday.

Art Simone

Art is part of our creative team here at Fabuland. She’s the current reigning Queen of the Galaxy and a theatre, film and TV actress. Art constantly suffers from RBF (Resting Bitch Face) and lives for Vodka, Glitter, Red Bull and Applause. Art produces her own Art Attack at 2am each week.

Missy La’Minx

Missy is Fabuland’s resident booze hound and twink handler, and a co-producer of Fabuland’s entertainment. She dreams of one day becomming as good as everyone else in the show. Also – #ChickenNuggets

Taylor Made

We’re excited to introduce the very talented Taylor Made. Taylor was behind many a sell-out show at the Xchange Hotel and always looks ravishing in red.


Meet Pashion. Pashion lists her special talents as ‘Tall’. She’s a costume designer to the stars, AV nerd, and was one of the original members of The Supremes – BEFORE Diana.


No-one is quite sure what it is that Tro does, but its rumoured that he can perform a backflip, put both legs behind his head, AND restart a man’s heart. He’s insta-famous and an avid drinker of wine. Some say he’s the gatekeeper to the land of FAB and a low-budget Michelle Visage, others use his cat Effy to justify calling him a DILF.


April 24th, 2015

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